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Meditation Exploration | Port Hope

YOGA & MEDITATION New classes are upon us soon! Check out details on price, time and location here. In September I am adding a meditation group back to the schedule, for 7 weeks only. If this is a class you missed out on in January 2014 then please feel free to join us: if you… Continue reading Meditation Exploration | Port Hope

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The Gentle Way

There has been an idea for a yoga book brewing in me for years. Although I have it clearly laid out in my brain, the purpose and intention is there, I still think... but there is SO MUCH yoga crap out there already (well, it's not crap, but you know what I mean)... why add… Continue reading The Gentle Way

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Dreams, Intuition, Reality and Trust

Last night I was awaken at 3 AM by a nightmare that left me with heart-crushing anxiety. Racing mind. Overwhelming fear. I have written about this before: The Container The Edge Living Yoga Jackie Dumaine wrote a very stark and raw blog about her own personal experience she titled "Breaking Open: A Melt-Down Story". When I… Continue reading Dreams, Intuition, Reality and Trust

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Living Yoga

Once in awhile I forget I'm living yoga... I'm just so in it I forget what it even is, and what it can do, and that not everyone lives this life-style or understands it's cycles. As classes have been growing, and I'm teaching more, and I'm adding new pieces to our daily routines, I find… Continue reading Living Yoga

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Blogging For Peace | August

It's the long weekend before the school and work chaos begins again. Today is the last day of August. Tomorrow is September 1st. Wow. This is always a powerful month for me. This year I turned 34 on August 25th, and as narcissistic as it may sound, my birthday is my favorite day of the… Continue reading Blogging For Peace | August

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Yoga = Peace

I recently discovered Bloggers For Peace (B4Peace).  The idea is to blog once a month about peace, connect with others blogging for peace, and as a result we help spread the love. Or peace. My whole life I have unconsciously been striving for peace (perhaps we all are?). At least it was unconscious for most… Continue reading Yoga = Peace

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The View From Here

As I sit here typing, coffee by my side, a grey Tuesday morning, I realize this is my first day of summer.  A sense of potential hangs in the air, and some anticipation of the unknown that lies ahead...  Time to nurture my spirit and renew my energy.  Full-time mom and full-time work is a… Continue reading The View From Here

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This is me, on Yoga.

Here goes my ego-post of the century. I posted this image of myself on Facebook the other night, and it had a multitude of 'likes' and comments.  It was a great ego-boost as my self-esteem has done a serious nose-dive since child bearing... Being a mom has destroyed every last ounce of confidence I once… Continue reading This is me, on Yoga.