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Living Yoga

Once in awhile I forget I’m living yoga… I’m just so in it I forget what it even is, and what it can do, and that not everyone lives this life-style or understands it’s cycles.

As classes have been growing, and I’m teaching more, and I’m adding new pieces to our daily routines, I find myself reaching subtle edges. I forgot I’m ‘dumping water onto the dirt‘ at an overwhelming speed, and the response in uncomfortable. Foggy head, static energy and discomfort in my body.

I forget, that this happens to me too. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this ‘draw back’ in my yoga practice and it warns me to move slow, trust the process, and let things go… and that truly it is not a draw back at all, because once this edge transforms, I always strive ahead light and more clear then ever before.

I forget, I don’t need to judge it. I don’t need to analyze it. I don’t even need to know what it is. In fact going into that mind-chatter often just makes it worse, and instead when I go to my yoga mat and breathe, emotions may arise, but fears fall away, and I am at peace.

When you find yourself reaching an edge in yoga, accept it and embrace it and trust it… Sometimes it feels wild, crazy, weird and just plain terrifying; but it’s normal and is giving your body the opportunity to let go of what it no longer needs so you can strive ahead in your Truth and clarity.

It will bring you back to peace. Over and over and over again…

4 thoughts on “Living Yoga”

  1. For a few years, I have been building symbolic and meaningful visualizations in an attempt to deal with my monkey-mind chatter during Asanas, Pranayama and Savasana, but only recently have I discovered that I am only replacing one kind of chatter with yet another. The mind – my mind – is extremely devious and is always one step ahead of me. It must chatter. So now I am trying to learn to dispassionately watch my chatter without trying to be involved with it or to stop it or to change it. Maybe if I let it alone, it will let me alone. Maybe.

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