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The Edge

In my last post The Container I referred to ‘the edge’ that we come to in yoga.  The place where we are challenged, and often avoid in our yoga practice.

The illusion of an ‘edge’ is that to be challenged in yoga we are doing postures advanced beyond our flexibility.  However, often we come to an edge without even knowing it, and although it may be in a physically challenging posture, it may actually be in a very comfortable posture.

An edge could be physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or all of those things combined.

The first time I reached my ‘edge’ we had done a vigorous yoga routine, and when I laid down in sivasana my entire body started to tremble from my feet up.  I felt my heart split open, and I was completely unprepared for the overwhelming emotions that followed, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.

My teachers were quick to respond (sharing the story of ‘The Container‘) and encouraged me to let these feelings flow, but let them go and not dwell or analyze them.  Simply put: it was old stuff moving out and making room for the new.

When you come to your edge in yoga, move with awareness and be gentle with yourself.  You don’t have to push, force or avoid it.  Just stay present and be willing to let it move in the easiest way possible.

8 thoughts on “The Edge”

  1. I feel the same with my martial arts training: our spirits are always being tested in class, and the periodic half-day sash tests lol, so overcoming our limits and fears is something we need to do:)

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