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Step Five: Define Control

The fifth step on our yoga path is pratyahara, meaning control of our senses. In order to have control over anything we must be aware of what it is.  So with pratyahara, we begin to study the five senses and see how they control us.  Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling are all apart of… Continue reading Step Five: Define Control

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The Edge

In my last post The Container I referred to 'the edge' that we come to in yoga.  The place where we are challenged, and often avoid in our yoga practice. The illusion of an 'edge' is that to be challenged in yoga we are doing postures advanced beyond our flexibility.  However, often we come to an… Continue reading The Edge

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The Container

When I did my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, our teachers shared a story with us that helped me break through a very emotional upheaval that hit me while laying in sivasana at the end of our class (I spent three days crying). Imagine that your body is a container, and settled on the bottom of… Continue reading The Container