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Resolve: Stop Patterns Start Living

Workshop In Port Hope I stumbled upon Johanna's work through a Facebook post, and was instantly intrigued. At that time, she was hosting a workshop in Barrie I was unable to attend, but I reached out to see if she would consider running a workshop in Port Hope, or the general area. It seems like… Continue reading Resolve: Stop Patterns Start Living

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Emotional Health For Youth

Since I was a child myself, it has seemed apparent to me that our society puts emphasis on our physical health as we grow, but very little on a child's emotional health. Parents register their kids for sports, swimming, gymnastics. If they aren't athletic they may register them for music or art. We rush though… Continue reading Emotional Health For Youth

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Reflection Of Self

Welcome to the dark side. Yoga has been a gift of Light for me throughout many life challenges over the last 17 years. Yoga has also allowed me to be a Light-giver. What does not often come forth in my public or professional life is the Darkness. Mostly this is a part of all of… Continue reading Reflection Of Self

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Dreams, Intuition, Reality and Trust

Last night I was awaken at 3 AM by a nightmare that left me with heart-crushing anxiety. Racing mind. Overwhelming fear. I have written about this before: The Container The Edge Living Yoga Jackie Dumaine wrote a very stark and raw blog about her own personal experience she titled "Breaking Open: A Melt-Down Story". When I… Continue reading Dreams, Intuition, Reality and Trust

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Isolation, Hibernation, Transformation

Just like nature, we all have our own natural rhythms. As a society and culture we have created a structure and expectation of living, that is not in tune to nature or anyone's individual needs. In our progress of technological advancement we have led ourselves into a way of living that is very fragmented.  We have separated ourselves… Continue reading Isolation, Hibernation, Transformation

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No Human Being Is Worthless

"I'm not afraid of dying.  Sometimes I'm more afraid of living." I am reading a book called "In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts" by Gabor Maté.  The quote above is from one of his clients.  It makes my mind race with words: Addiction.  Suicide.  Depression.  Self-harm.  We all suffer.  Perhaps some just hide it better then others.… Continue reading No Human Being Is Worthless

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The Many Faces Of Depression

Too many people suffer in silence. Too many people bury their feelings  under mountains of successes or failures. Too many people live fragmented lives, consciously or unconsciously. There are many faces of depression. When I was in college we had a guest speaker come in to tell us about her experience of living with depression.  She said the… Continue reading The Many Faces Of Depression

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The Container

When I did my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, our teachers shared a story with us that helped me break through a very emotional upheaval that hit me while laying in sivasana at the end of our class (I spent three days crying). Imagine that your body is a container, and settled on the bottom of… Continue reading The Container

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Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

I was recently asked to guest-blog for Black Box Warnings.  It is an inspiring blog with an eclectic group of writers.  All people who have faced some form of challenge with AD(H)D, mood disorders, medications or other life-altering experiences with mental health.  These people are my heroes: They are brave, courageous and fearlessly sharing with others what… Continue reading Overcoming Mental Health Stigma