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Isolation, Hibernation, Transformation

Just like nature, we all have our own natural rhythms.

As a society and culture we have created a structure and expectation of living, that is not in tune to nature or anyone’s individual needs.

In our progress of technological advancement we have led ourselves into a way of living that is very fragmented.  We have separated ourselves from nature, and from each other.

When I look at the process of depression, it appears to move in cycles.  Different for everyone, but cycles none-the-less.  Most people have a trigger that starts the cycle, that trigger often leads them to isolation, then a dark time that eventually passes, until the next trigger hits.  Then the cycle continues.

When I look at this society, and the dis-association that we have created, I am not at all surprised that the rates of depression and anxiety are on the rise.  There is no honouring of ones needs.  Unless you are bold enough to think outside the box of societies expectations, you are born into this world, you will got to school, you will get a diploma or degree, and you will join the working world.  The ultimate goal is to make enough money to see you through comfortable old age, and support your family while you are at it.

We do not all have the same needs or rhythms.  The trick is figuring out what your needs are, and finding a way to create a life that enhances your living.  Discover what gives you energy, and let go of what drains your energy.

Life is full of challenges, everyone has theirs.  What is needed is community.  Support.  We need our tribes back.  Respect of all ages and each individuals needs.  We need to find a balance of giving and receiving so no one is left behind, or left depleted.

When we observe nature’s cycles and rhythms we see times of chaos and disorder in natural disasters.  We see the cycle of the moon, the waters, of the seasons, of life and death.  We see how a caterpillar isolates itself in a cocoon and then transforms into a butterfly.  We see bears and other animals hibernate for months at a time, their bodies shut down almost to a point of death, and then spring comes and they come alive again.  We see communities of animals who function together and build amazing worlds, and then other animals who break away and live alone or with only one mate.  There are nocturnal animals who thrive in the night.  Fish who can only survive in the water.

We are the only species that fight and deny our natural rhythms, and even try to control the rhythms of the earth.  Would we expect a caterpillar to stop making a cocoon and crawl around it’s whole life and never become a butterfly?  Would we expect a bear to ‘suck it up’ and get out of it’s cave for the winter?  Would we expect an owl to stop staying up all night, and ‘just go to sleep’ like everyone else?  Would we expect a fish to survive on the earth without it’s  natural habitat?  You know what would happen to these animals?  They would die.

In our society if you can’t function at school, if you can’t sleep at night, or if you feel almost anything other then happy, you are given a label, sometimes a diagnosis, and sometimes even drugs.  You are considered ‘abnormal’ and need to be ‘fixed’.  There is no honouring your needs.  There is no understanding that maybe, you need to build a cocoon so you can transform into a butterfly.  Maybe you need a cave to sleep in so you can come out rejuvenated.  Maybe you need a new job, or more support in your family or community.  Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with you, maybe you just need some time to reflect and reassess and recreate a life in-line to your needs and natural rhythms.


Note:  I am aware that there are serious mental-health issues that need more then just community support to assist.  My point here is that general depression and anxiety are on the rise in our society, and I believe some people need more then a diagnosis and drugs to help them over-come the long-term issues connected to these disorders.

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