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Women’s Day Retreat

om_yoga_mat funky and straightCome and enjoy a day of nature, reflection and rejuvenation in a quaint home in the country.

This day retreat will include gentle yoga, meditation, learning some basic self-reflexology, blending a unique essential oil for yourself, and reflective writing.


Often retreats are offered as full weekends, and can be quite expensive.  A day retreat is an affordable alternative that can still leave you feeling re-centered and rejuvenated.

Women have high expectations of themselves and others that often leave us burned out or disappointed.  A retreat can help you refocus on what is truly important in your life, and help you regain a sense of control or clarity that you may be struggling to find.

“Retreat” means to back away.  Participating in a retreat is your conscious decision to take a time-out from the rat race of life.  You are giving yourself permission to pamper yourself for one day.  Every woman deserves this.

A retreat is a healthy choice for any woman who feels disconnected from herself or others.  It is an opportunity to connect with other women, and share our wisdom.  We will reconnect with ourselves and our individual awareness of Self.

Ideally a retreat leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalized, uplifted and inspired.  Sometimes issues you have struggled with for a long time can begin to dissolve or be solved through the inner work we do at our retreats.


Our retreats are guided by me, Jenni Burke and Alison Clarke.

I am a certified yoga instructor, and guide gentle yoga classes and meditations.  I have a passion for art, writing, and advocating for youth. I want to see people empower themselves and work together to create a safe world for everyone in it.

Alison Clarke is a Natural Health Therapist who specializes in reflexology, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy massage, reiki and other deep energy work.  She has a passion for playing with energy, and she loves guiding people to the core of who they are to rediscover their truths buried deep within.  She offers her clients tools that they can use to live more fully in their daily lives.


Our next day retreat will be held on Sunday, June 23, 2013.

10 AM – 4 PM.

You can hold your space by emailing

The cost is $80, and we need a minimum of 6 registrants by June 20th, 2013.

This cost includes all our activities, plus a booklet to take home as a resource for you to use to nurture yourself daily!

Please bring your own lunch, we will supply tea and snacks.  Also, wear comfortable clothes, bring sunscreen and a hat (we will potentially be both indoors and outdoors), and bring your own yoga mat.

The retreat is held in Colborne, Ontario, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Day Retreat”

    1. Hi Tracey! Gina and I are working on setting up a half-day retreat in July, maybe connect with her about that? 🙂 Otherwise Alison and I are going to wait until the fall to host another full day retreat in Colborne!

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