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Resolve: Stop Patterns Start Living

Workshop In Port Hope I stumbled upon Johanna's work through a Facebook post, and was instantly intrigued. At that time, she was hosting a workshop in Barrie I was unable to attend, but I reached out to see if she would consider running a workshop in Port Hope, or the general area. It seems like… Continue reading Resolve: Stop Patterns Start Living

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Emotional Health For Youth

Since I was a child myself, it has seemed apparent to me that our society puts emphasis on our physical health as we grow, but very little on a child's emotional health. Parents register their kids for sports, swimming, gymnastics. If they aren't athletic they may register them for music or art. We rush though… Continue reading Emotional Health For Youth

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Dreams, Intuition, Reality and Trust

Last night I was awaken at 3 AM by a nightmare that left me with heart-crushing anxiety. Racing mind. Overwhelming fear. I have written about this before: The Container The Edge Living Yoga Jackie Dumaine wrote a very stark and raw blog about her own personal experience she titled "Breaking Open: A Melt-Down Story". When I… Continue reading Dreams, Intuition, Reality and Trust

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The Fourth Step | Just Breathe

Pranayama.  Bliss.  In my humble opinion this is where the magic happens in yoga.  So what is pranayama?  Simply put, it is breathing. Pranayama is our Life Force.  We cannot live without breathing.  When our breathing stops, our life ends.  Yet we take for granted this powerful force in our lives. There are many emotional… Continue reading The Fourth Step | Just Breathe

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Hold Your Power

4/10 At this point in our chakra journey we have reached the third chakra, the solar plexus.  Yesterday we covered the sacral chakra, and the day before that the root chakra. THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The solar plexus chakra is located in the center of your body, a few inches above the belly button.  The colour of this energy… Continue reading Hold Your Power