Sacred Geometry | Crystal Grids

ABOUT INFINITE SOUL SEARCHER: Jamie (AKA: Infinite Soul Searcher) is a mother to two beautiful boys, and works full-time as a Lab technician.  Her passion is creating Hand burnt Crystal grids, with intuitively chosen Crystals.  She has her level II Reiki, and loves incorporating Reiki into her Crystal Grids. WEBSITE: Infinite Soul Searcher FACEBOOK: Infinite … Continue reading Sacred Geometry | Crystal Grids


Summer Yoga and Events 2017

Did you hear the news? I've started teaching yoga at Ste.Anne's Inn and Destination Spa in Grafton, Ontario. If you live locally, I highly recommend looking into a Day Spa experience (I love it there any time of year), and come join me for a yoga class, a guided walk, or if you need deeper … Continue reading Summer Yoga and Events 2017