Fear, Meditation and Relationship

Thank you Rob Owens great read!

Robert Owens Meditation

Chronic FearEveryone is afraid sometimes. And when we practice meditation, we begin to notice and experience things that others do not. We might begin to fear that we could be rejected by others for talking about the things we notice during and after meditation.

We may begin to notice our increased vulnerability in modern culture; the fragile invisible umbilical cords that bind us to the forests that provide oxygen, the cords to lakes and rivers from which we get our water and even the cord to the limited life of our sun that will eventually die out, but provides energy and life. We may begin to feel afraid. We may want to abandon meditation, as if that will relieve our fears, but denying that we are noticing things that others do not fails to ease us.

It has been written that all of our human fears stem from the “original fear” we all…

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Guided Breathing meditations

Check out these meditations: written, recorded and narrated by my friend Robb Owens. Hey why not follow his blog too while you’re here!

Robert Owens Meditation

audio mic phtoSorry for having to post this article twice- there was a glitch on the Link below to the meditation recordings.

Due to a special request, I am re-posting here all three of my “guided breathing meditation” MP3 recordings from last year. Meditative breathing and yoga are some of my favourite experiments within the human condition.

The meditation instruction is the same as 2013, but this year I composed and recorded new introductory and background music, so if you listened to or downloaded the last set, then this set will sound new to you.

I use my professional background in communication arts to share my experience, strength and hope to anyone interested in relieving suffering and abolishing ignorance.




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Embracing All Seasons

From The Gentle Way Of Hatha!

Gentle Hatha Yoga | Jenni Burke

When you live in Canada you are blessed with four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Each of these seasons hold their own magic. Their own symbolism. Winter is symbolic of death, spring is rebirth, summer is growth and autumn is harvest.

Unlike many of my friends and family, winter is my favorite season. For me it is the most peaceful, fresh, inspiring and beautiful season. As an artist the lines of the landscape constantly urge me to draw or paint. The vivid skies and white rolling hills fill me with vitality. The cold air refreshes my tired mind. I like the short days, and coziness of long nights. I like being inside were it is warm, while outside it is cold.  I like bundling up and facing the elements every day for a brisk walk. The stars shine brighter, the streets are quieter, and it brings a deep sense of…

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