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Love Your Roots


As we journey through the chakras over this week, take some time for personal reflection or perhaps some yoga and meditation.  I will include some exercises that may help you bring balance to each chakra.

Often our energy centers are either too open or closed, and with some self-study we can discover which chakras are out of balance, and help create balance in them.


Imagine that you have a lovely red energy that glows from the base of your spine.  This is your root chakra, or the first energy center of the aura.  This energy center can affect our legs, feet, low back, and bowels.

This chakra is your connection to the earth and to your physical body.  I think of it as our primitive chakra.  It is our ‘roots’ to our family, our ancestry, our biological instincts and it is the chakra of basic survival.

Do you often have problems with these areas of your body related to the root chakra?  If so try reflecting on your feelings about your family, your relationships with your family, and your current feelings on your home or lifestyle.

Can you see how negative thoughts and feelings may be affecting the energy of your root chakra?


To help balance this energy center try some of these yoga exercises:

  • mountain pose
  • tree pose
  • lotus pose variations
  • seated forward bend
  • meditate on breathing red energy into your root, perhaps while laying in sivasana

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, and I will do my best to answer them!

Tomorrow we will look at the second energy center of the aura: The sacral chakra.


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