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Yoga And The Chakras


Part of my yoga business is teaching specialized workshops.  One of the most popular ones over the years, which I have taught over and over again, is ‘Understanding The Chakras: Our Seven Major Energy Centers.’

Most people are very aware of our physical bodies, but are not fully aware of our energy bodies.  Some people may call this the ‘aura.’

I enjoy teaching these workshops so much, and they have been in such demand at times, that I thought it would be worth writing a series of blogs on the chakras.

Over the next ten days, I will post one entry on each individual chakra.  Today I will list the seven major centers and where they are located on the body.  In the following posts I will add much more detail.

THE CHAKRAS: our seven major energy centers

Each chakra has a colour association as well, and it is easy to remember if you are familiar with the colour wheel or even rainbows.  Starting from the bottom and working your way up through the chakras they change and blend starting with red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, to purple and the crown is actually white.

In the next nine blogs I will go into detail about the colours, anatomy, emotions and energy of the chakras.  Perhaps I will include a guided meditation at the end (remind me)!


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