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Gentle Yoga | Summer in Port Hope

As I work on a collective vision for my growing business, I have watched many other yoga studios and teachers surfacing over the years. It is wonderful to see so much variety for people to choose from! However, it can also make teachers doubt what they really have to offer: who am I against all… Continue reading Gentle Yoga | Summer in Port Hope

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Over 20 Years of Yoga

  Today was a fun day. I started unpacking Rubbermaid bins I hadn't opened in about 6 years. I re-discovered the old yoga teacher training notes, from my personal training and from the teacher training I designed and guided. I found my old portfolio with the Child and Youth Worker diploma, and my reiki and… Continue reading Over 20 Years of Yoga

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2018 Looking Ahead

  YOGA MANUAL: THE GENTLE WAY OF HATHA   I will finally have time to focus on writing this year. The manual is very simple in theory, and it has been brewing in my mind since 2006. Just a booklet of my gentle style of classes: very basic pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (hatha yoga postures)… Continue reading 2018 Looking Ahead

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Yoga, Art and Life

YOGA CLASSES and WORKSHOPS: During 2017 my yoga classes were at full capacity for most of the year. As we move into 2018 there is a little bit of space in the Cobourg Tuesday evening class (7-8pm), and one space available in the  Port Hope Thursday morning class (10:30-11:30am). If you are interested in attending… Continue reading Yoga, Art and Life

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Art Therapy and Wellness

ABOUT: LIVE WELL WITH BECKY Rebecca is a vibrant woman who has landed in the Northumberland area with her family. She is passionate about "clean" products, whether it be for your home or body. Her back ground is in psychology and expressive arts therapy. She has recently co-hosted a variety of workshops with creative soul… Continue reading Art Therapy and Wellness

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Summer Yoga in Northumberland

YOGA CLASSES Every summer yoga classes dwindle in students, and I have to become a little more creative to keep finances flowing in my business. This year I have been very fortunate not only that my class sizes have expanded, but I've also been able to add new classes to the schedule. This summer, as… Continue reading Summer Yoga in Northumberland

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Yoga Life 2016

Just realizing I haven't posted a yoga blog since 2015?! Sorry about that. Perhaps no one else noticed either... 2016 has been a very busy (and to be honest, stressful) year thus far. Good news is it has been full of growth and positive new beginnings. I mean, this is my new office view: So… Continue reading Yoga Life 2016

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Workshop | A Journey Through Self Care

What soothes your soul? Refills your cup? What do you need to feel fulfilled? This is something I've been exploring over the last few months, and years. Especially since becoming a mother, it is way harder to put your own needs first. A hard lesson learned is: I can't pour from an empty cup! Since… Continue reading Workshop | A Journey Through Self Care

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Life Shifts…

Oh beautiful life. Always full of changes and challenges and triumphs. I have hit a writers-block on this yoga blog: not because the passion has died but simply because my energy has been channeled in a multitude of different directions lately. A few months ago I started an art group called 'Untitled'. So a lot… Continue reading Life Shifts…