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Over 20 Years of Yoga


Today was a fun day. I started unpacking Rubbermaid bins I hadn’t opened in about 6 years. I re-discovered the old yoga teacher training notes, from my personal training and from the teacher training I designed and guided. I found my old portfolio with the Child and Youth Worker diploma, and my reiki and akashic record certifications. I found all the old Link Magazines with my advertisements and articles I’d published.

It was a day of reminiscing over past successes and failures, and how they have served me very well in life. It’s hard to believe I have been doing yoga for over 20 years now. Teaching for almost 15 years. What is even more incredible to me, is all the OTHER work I’ve done parallel to the yoga. Child and Youth Work, Advanced Reiki, Level 3 Akashic Records. Plus other smaller certifications through Ester-Myers studio (weekend pre-natal certification), The Yoga Code (one day workshop in Montreal) and The Toronto Yoga Conference (one day workshop with Seane Corn). Not to mention my failed attempt at Ontario College of Art and Design. All worth it!

I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to pull all this wisdom back under one roof. What that looks like you will have to wait and see… in the meantime feel free to find me on Facebook (The Gentle Way of Hatha and Jennifer Anne Burke) or follow me on Instagram @Burkeuntitled.

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