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The Gentle Way Of Hatha

Today I registered my business; the official name is now The Gentle Way Of Hatha.

I have struggled with naming this business for quite awhile now.  In the summer I put out a post asking for ideas and suggestions, and the winner would receive a free yoga session.  I had many amazing suggestions, and yet nothing quite fully resonated…

During lunch with a friend in September we were discussing this issue and he said “Why don’t you just call it The Gentle Way Of Hatha?”  D’uh. Obviously.  Why was that so hard for me to come to terms with?

Originally I thought it was too restricting, I had used the name for my Yoga Teacher Training, and felt that was enough.  I wanted a ‘new’ name that brought in all the realms of my work: yoga, youth, art, writing… but as I continue with my business plans and ideas, I realized regardless of all those different things, the roots of my business and message are to be gentle with yourself.  Be gentle with others.  Be gentle on this earth.  “Ha-tha” literally translates as “sun-moon.”  It is the merging of opposites that bring perfect balance.

THAT is the intention of my work- to help people find their peace and balance in gentle ways.  All ages, with a variety of avenues- yoga, meditation, workshops, art and writing… The Gentle Way Of Hatha is officially here!


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