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Seven Chakras Meditation


This is our concluding post on the chakras: a guided meditation.

For the following meditation, repeat it seven times, once for each chakra.  The order is root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye, and crown.

When you guide yourself through each energy center try to sense or visualize the colour associated with it:

Root = red

Sacral =  orange

Solar Plexus = yellow

Heart = green

Throat = blue

Third-eye = purpble

Crown = white

When you have completed all the chakras in the meditation, finish with the grounding exercise that follows.


Start by finding a comfortable position, it could be seated as in a traditional meditation posture, or it may be easier to lie down.  Either way you want to be fully relaxed, and the spine long and tall (no slouching if you decide to sit!).

Once comfortable tune into  your body and breathing.  Deepen your breathing and scan the body: make sure the feet and legs are comfortable and relaxed.  The hips and back are comfortable and relaxed.  The hands and arms are comfortable and relaxed.  Let your internal organs relax, feel the heart space open, and the shoulders release and relax.  Keep the neck long but loose, and feel the weight of the head as it relaxes.  Let the skin soften over your face, the forehead relaxes, the eyebrows relax, the eyes soften and relax, and keep the jaw loose and relaxed.  The entire body is now relaxed.

Bring your awareness to the (root) chakra and visualize the colour (red)… how does this energy center feel right now?  How does the body around it feel?  We will use our breathing to help balance this chakra.  Take three deep breaths.  Inhale red light to this center visualizing space and clarity; when you exhale release any negativity or blockages.  On the third and final exhale, feel that space completely clean, clear and balanced.  Allow your breathing to regulate, be open to any messages you receive from the body, and when you are ready repeat this visualization with each chakra.


Once you have complete all seven chakras, you will be in a very relaxed state.  Before you come out of any meditation it is important to feel grounded.  The following exercise is a wonderful addition to any meditation practice, not just this chakra meditation!

Visualize yourself surrounded by a radiant,  healing, white light.  Draw this light down through your body: down through the crown, the third-eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral, and root.  Feel this light like gravity, pulling to towards the earth.  Feel it moving down your arms and out your hands, and down your legs and out your feet.  Feel the weight of your body on the earth.  Imagine yourself standing on the earth, feet strongly grounded, and this light moving through you and rooting you to the planet.  Feel the true balance of the two bodies perfectly balanced: physical and energetic.

Use your breathing to reconnect to your physical body, three deep breaths waking you up and revitalizing you.

Open your eyes only when you feel strong and balanced in your physical body again.


Once you have finished this meditation, you might enjoy journalling about the experience or take some time to reflect with a cup of herbal tea or some other nurturing like a hot bath.

Another option is to do this meditation before you go to sleep at night, although you may want to practice during day or early evening the first time as it could energize you.

Certainly feel free to leave questions or comments below.  Thank you for journeying through the chakras with me over the last 10 days!


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