Meditation Day Retreat | Saturday, July 29 | 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Meditation is such a wonderful way to take care of our self mentally, emotionally and energetically. If you’ve had a negative experience with meditation in the past, I encourage you to try this day retreat. We explore a variety of practices, with the intention of finding at least one technique that works for you (and you can continue your exploration at home). Some examples are breathing, gazing, walking, chanting, visualization and yoga nidra.

This is a day in nature, exploring a mindfulness practice, body talk, and reflective writing. An opportunity to connect with Self, deepen your self-awareness by studying the activity of the mind; along with being offered tools to help you calm the activity of the mind.

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All workshops at Headwater Farms cost $80 (per person) and run for approximately 4 hours (10:30am-2:30pm) and include lunch.  Workshops take place outside unless weather disapproves.

Spring Renewal (Workshop) | Saturday, May 6 | 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Come enjoy an afternoon of renewal… Spring is a time to shed the darkness of winter, and plant seeds that will blossom in the seasons ahead. What seeds will you plant?

This will be an afternoon of deep reflection and rejuvenation. We will reconnect with Self through writing prompts, guidance cards, and open circle discussion. We will cover topics of self-care, the value of connecting with our deepest passions, and plant seeds to nuture. We will move through a restorative yoga sequence, and listen to the messages our bodies have to share with us. We will also brainstorm small rituals to continue on our own. $60 includes workbook, healthy snacks and herbal teas!

Space is limited. Email me to reserve your spot.

2017 at a Glance:

Saturday, May 6 – Spring Renewal Workshop @ St.Mark’s Church Port Hope

Saturday, July 15 – ART SHOW@ St.Mark’s Church Port Hope

Saturday, July 29 – MEDITATION RETREAT (Headwaters Farm)

Saturday, August 12 – INK: a reflective afternoon of writing and spoken word.

November 18 – FINDING THE CALM IN THE CHAOS workshop



Workshops and day retreats can be booked privately for groups of 6 or more.

  • Finding the Calm in the Chaos

This is a new idea for a workshop. Basically it is a combination of all the other workshops rolled into one. The purpose is to create a concrete kit of resources you can turn to, and use, in your daily life when you are feeling overwhelmed; because lets face it, life is chaos for everyone these days. Whether it’s career, education, family or relationships, it seems like no one has enough time for themselves (and therefore no chance to recharge). If you need help finding or regaining more balance in you life-style this workshop is for you. We will work with time-management, goal-setting, self-care ideas, journalling and practice some meditation and yoga techniques you can use at home.

  • Meditation & Visioning

This mini-day-retreat includes exploring a variety of meditation techniques (breathing, gazing, walking, chanting and silent meditation). The purpose is to find a technique that works best for you. We will also play with affirmations, vision boarding and do some reflective writing.

  • A Journey Through Self-Care

Self-care is something many people struggle with. The thought of doing things just for yourself can feel selfish and even leaves some people with a deep sense of guilt. This workshop is designed to undo those negative feelings about putting yourself first, and learning to nurture yourself in healthy ways. This is a half-day retreat of self-reflection, self-discovery, writing, discussion, and yoga. We will discuss ways to prioritize our duties, and manage our time better to create balance of giving and receiving.

  • Creating Your Own Personal Yoga Practice

Being self-taught, this is one of my favourite workshops.  My passion is connecting people to their own bodies, so they can tune into themselves and move intuitively as the body needs it for balance and healing.  This covers the basic science of yoga and the 6 movements of the spine, and how you can build your own unique practice to do from  home.

  • Journaling For Self-Discovery

I have been writing since I was 16 and last year I unpacked my collection of journals from over the last 17 years and realized I had half my life packed up in 4 boxes and written in over 60 journals.  Over the years I would once in awhile review bits of these books, and always had insightful moments, seeing patterns I was then able to break, and moving forward in life because of the lessons I was learning from this reflection.  I believe everyone should journal, although I understand it is not for everyone.  This workshop is a way to connect with your voice, your thoughts and learning to express yourself in ways to help your individual growth.

All workshops at Headwater Farms cost $80 (per person) and run for approximately 4 hours (10:30am-2:30pm) and include lunch.  Workshops take place outside unless weather disapproves.

Workshops at St.Mark’s Church cost $60 and run for approximately 3 hours (12:30-3:30pm), and do not include lunch. These workshops are indoors.

Children’s workshop range between $40-$60 depending on location, lunch, materials and time.

If you are arranging a private group/workshop you can choose your preferred location.

For more information please email me.