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Finding Balance


We have spent the last eight days looking at the individual chakras.  We had a brief introduction and then moved through the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

This post is going to be a summary of the chakras, and tomorrows post is going to be a guided meditation that you can use on your own time.

So if you break the chakras up into two catagories we have the bottom three ‘earth’ chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus) and the top three ‘spirit’ chakras (crown, third eye, throat); and smack-dab in the middle is the heart chakra (I say this is where spirit and physical collide).

The earth chakras relate to food, shelter, money, and power.  The spirit chakras relate to connecting to a higher power, working intuitively and expressing it truthfully.  So I bet you can imagine how powerful that makes the heart chakra: earth and spirit unite in full balance.  That is the key word with the chakras: balance.

Often people are dominated by the bottom three chakras, or the top three chakras, and have little awareness of what is happening in their heart.  By bringing awareness to which chakras ‘control’ our lives unconsiously, we are able to shift their power into a more balanced state for our body, mind, and life.

Chakras can be too open (give, give, give) or closed (take, take, take).  The key is to regain balance in each center, so our overall aura is a healthy rainbow glow.  The meditation I will share tomorrow is an exercise that will take you through each of the chakras to help find that balance, and hopefully leave you feeling strong, grounded, clear, centered and peaceful.

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