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Claim Your Crown


This is the seventh, and final, chakra we will discuss: the crown chakra.  Feel free to review the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third-Eye chakras before proceeding.

When working with the crown chakra, imagine you are a king or queen claiming your crown.  With this piece of power you have influence and control over a realm of worldly things.  If you do not have balance within this chakra, or the other chakras, that power will be abused.


Appropriately the colour for this chakra is white; when you think of the crown imagine it as the ‘king of the chakras’ and it glistens with rainbow coloured gems.  White holds the entire colour prism, powerful and magical.

The crown holds the power of all the chakras plus one: it is the channel to receive ‘divine’ energy.  It is your connection to a power outside of yourself, but not separate from yourself.  Once you open your crown chakra it is so important to stay grounded and balanced within that energy.

Physically this chakra is related to the head, scalp, brain, hair, the entire nervous-system, lymphatics, blood-stream and I believe the overall immune system.

Questions to reflect on for this chakra are: Do I trust in the power of a source outside of my control?  Am I willing to tune into a power or source outside of me?  Do I believe in an energy that connects all?

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to blow this chakra wide open, it’s to find balance within it and ground it in our physical body. When you open and balance all the chakras, amazing things can happen.  But real ‘magic’ and power reside in the crown chakra.


  • headstand
  • fish
  • wide-legged standing forward bend
  • rag-doll
  • mountain pose
  • meditate on breathing white radiant light down through your crown chakra, and down through all the chakras/body.

Please leave questions or comments below! We have two more posts on the chakras- tomorrow is a summary and the final post will be a guided meditation.

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