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Dreams & Intuition


We are flying through the chakras! Feel free to read the past blogs to catch up on the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat.  Today we focus on the third-eye chakra.


This energy center is located in the center of forehead/brain.  The colour association is purple or violet.

The 3rd eye chakra is about dreams, visions and intuition.  People in tune with this center often have clear visions, vibrant dreams (perhaps that come true) and intuitive premonitions.

This can be a very powerful energy center, and one that should be worked on with great awareness, as it can be easy to get lost in our ‘daydreams’.  It is important to stay grounded when working with this lucid chakra.

This chakra relates to the eyes, ears and brain.  Issues that may arise for this center are vision, hearing and/or memory problems.  Headaches or dizziness can be related to both the 3rd eye and the crown chakras.  I would also relate/debate some mental health problems could possibly be linked to this energy center being unbalanced.

Questions to reflect on when addressing this chakra are:  Do I believe in intuition?  Do I follow my intuition?  What are my beliefs towards dreams or visions?  How do I feel in my ‘guts’ when I meditate on my third eye?  Do I listen to the messages of my dreams?

Many people struggle with balancing their 3rd eye energy- it seems to be one extreme or the other (too open or too closed).  I encourage people to open up to the potential of this chakra, play with it’s creative energy without taking it all too seriously.  Have fun with it, exploring the landscape of your mind…


  • childs pose
  • crow
  • eagle
  • handstand
  • meditate on a radiant violet light glowing in the center of your brain, breathe this light through the whole body so you feel grounded and balanced in your vision.

Questions or comments are always welcome!  Tomorrow we will complete the chakras with the crown.

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