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Like Us On Facebook

Well, here goes my shameless Facebook plug! The Gentle Way Of Hatha Facebook page has been slow to gain 'Likes' so if you are enjoying and following our blog, I invite you to join us on Facebook as well! On Facebook we have regular updates about classes, workshops, and share inspiring quotes, photos and art.… Continue reading Like Us On Facebook

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Yoga And The Chakras

1/10 Part of my yoga business is teaching specialized workshops.  One of the most popular ones over the years, which I have taught over and over again, is 'Understanding The Chakras: Our Seven Major Energy Centers.' Most people are very aware of our physical bodies, but are not fully aware of our energy bodies.  Some… Continue reading Yoga And The Chakras


Summer Yoga | Cobourg Ontario

My last blog was written in 2011, and with summer 2012 fast approaching I think an update is over-due! BACK TO BUSINESS! I have graduated from my Child and Youth Worker program and am ready to expand my business once again. After numerous moves throughout Northumberland County, I have decided to teach some gentle hatha… Continue reading Summer Yoga | Cobourg Ontario

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

When I started my business as a yoga teacher in 2004 I was surprised by the overwhelming response I had to my classes.  Being unique in what I now call "The Gentle Way Of Hatha" students came to me as beginners, some as returning to the practice, and others with injuries or limitations who were… Continue reading 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Jenni Burke Yoga Blogs

Hello WordPress world!Over the next few months I hope to build this blog around a variety of yoga topics. I have been an E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) with the Yoga Alliance, and formed the yoga school Crescent Moon Healing Arts where I certified six yoga teachers in the Northumberland region of Ontario, Canada.  The training… Continue reading Jenni Burke Yoga Blogs