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The Gentle Way of Hatha on YouTube


How many excuses have you made to not take a yoga class? I have heard them all! Sometimes it’s a physical limitation, sometimes it’s a time management issue, sometimes it’s due to lack of money, sometimes the motivation just isn’t there… the list can go on and on.

I’ve heard many people try one class, and never return for a variety of reasons – too difficult, they got hurt, it was too boring, too long, too hot, too cold, too “flaky”… again, the list goes on. It can take a long time to find the right style, teacher, time and budget, before finally you find a class you like. A teacher you like. A space you like. I’m here to tell you to stop searching (just for a moment) for that “perfect” yoga experience and instead, clear some floor space in your home, and choose one of these 6 yoga videos to try (or all of them if you have 40-minutes):

Part 1: Let’s Lay Down

In this 6-minute video we begin laying down, moving through a sequence of hip and leg stretches. Remember to start with a few deep breathes!

Part 2: Seated Side Stretch and Twist

In this 4-minute video we focus more on spinal movement. Side stretches to create some space in the upper body, and twists to help keep the spine strong and flexible. Both exercises naturally create a gentle detox for the organ system. Make sure you breathe comfortably in these postures, it’s easy to hold our breath and not even notice!

Part 3: Gentle Core and Balance

Core work does not have to be painful, strenuous, or overwhelmingly intense. In this 3-minute video we warm up with some hip circles, transition into leg and arm lifts, with an additional balance challenge (holding opposite limbs up for a short period of time). My only warning is if you have any severe neck, shoulder, wrist or knee issues you might want to skip to the next video, as this whole sequence is done on hands and knees which can cause pressure or aggravation to any of those weak areas. Remember, deep slow breathes with controlled movements.

Part 4: Tummy Time

In this 3-minute video we continue our core work, but also focus on a gentle back bend and integrating these exercises with a “belly breathing” exercise and the option of finishing in a restful child’s pose position.

Part 5: Moving From Mountain

This 2-minute video is a simple half-sunsalutation flow, which means we are combining breath and movement and repeating the sequence over and over. Our feet stay grounded in mountain pose the whole time. If you dizzy easily, keep head above hips (so avoid going into full forward bend).

Part 6: Final Relaxation

Sivasana is the final relaxation of any traditional yoga class. In this 12-minute video we will do a full body scan, guiding us into a deeply restful state. This is a great video to do if you are physically limited from the other exercises. If you are highly stressed, or burned out, this would be a great practice to do once a day.


I’m here to tell you, yoga does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be full of fancy pretzel tricks, and it should not be injuring you. You know your body (and if you’re in any doubt, consult your doctor before beginning any new physical activity), and if you trust yourself to follow it’s wisdom, then these videos are a way to enjoy a relaxing yoga routine in the comfort of your own home. For free! I’m just an email away if you have any questions or concerns.


My personal goal for 2019 was to finally make YouTube videos; and the goal for 2020 is to expand my audience. Please help me spread the word of The Gentle Way of Hatha!  Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel, LIKE or comment on videos, and certainly share with others you know who could benefit from this gentle form of exercise.

I made the channel specifically for the 6-part series, which is the basic layout of most of my gentle yoga classes I teach, however I will be adding occasional videos as time goes on.  My most recent request was to add audio recordings of themed-meditations. I also plan to explore the chakras in a new series of videos. Subscribe to be the first to receive notifications on the most recent uploads!

Your support is so appreciated! Thank you for joining me on this gentle yoga journey…


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