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An Act of Self-Love

During class recently, it came to me that yoga is such a generous gift we give ourselves: a simple act of self-love.

Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, or an hour or two a week, it is a place to land. To return to. To return to ourselves. To return to love. An act of self-love. Although I had not thought of it like that before, it suddenly seemed so clear THAT is what continued to bring me back to yoga: I knew each time I landed on my mat, even just to lay there and breathe, I was “refilling.” But what was I filling up with? Love. Vitality. Gratitude. Peace. I was creating a space to receive, my act of self-love.

During this class, I thought about other acts of self-love. Nurturing our bodies through fresh food, fresh water, fresh air, movement, or maybe stillness!

Today, what will your Act of Self-Love be? I know I will be heading outside to breathe….

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