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Meditation Exploration | Port Hope

YOGA & MEDITATION New classes are upon us soon! Check out details on price, time and location here. In September I am adding a meditation group back to the schedule, for 7 weeks only. If this is a class you missed out on in January 2014 then please feel free to join us: if you… Continue reading Meditation Exploration | Port Hope

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Teach Love

It seems a mini-avalanche of blogs have begun... it started with Becca's "Let's Get Physical", which was responded with La La's "Take It Personally", which led to Meizac's "Piece Of Meat". My heart cries for these women.  For all women.  But it cries for men too.  What kind of society have we created?  What kind… Continue reading Teach Love

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Love And War

5/10 Today we are half way through our chakra journey!  We have covered the three lower chakras: The root, the sacral and the solar plexus.  Today we talk about the power of the heart chakra. I titled this blog Love And War because the heart chakra is literally the battle ground of all our emotions.… Continue reading Love And War