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Love And War


Today we are half way through our chakra journey!  We have covered the three lower chakras: The root, the sacral and the solar plexus.  Today we talk about the power of the heart chakra.

I titled this blog Love And War because the heart chakra is literally the battle ground of all our emotions.  It is the literally where the physical and spiritual collide with an explosive energy.  We  have a lot going on every day in our heart space, and much of it creates turmoil in our mind and body.

In our society most people walk around with sagging shoulders and broken hearts.  Life isn’t always easy, and as a result we have to protect ourselves somehow.  Often the result is we close ourselves off from our true feelings, and instead we repress them and go on in life a bit numb and naive.

As a yoga teacher I believe working with the heart chakra is the most powerful action a person can take.  Once you clear your heart space, the other chakras (as they are all connected) begin to clear.  It can take a lot of compassion to face the issues that reside in each energy center, and if the heart space is not there to support the other chakras, the healing will not reach its full potential.


The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest area and the colour association is green.  Naturally the physical heart is connected to this energy center, but also the lungs, the shoulders, the arms, the hands, and the upper back.

Issues related to the heart can be endless.  A few prime examples are heart problems, chest pain, breast pain, breathing problems, anxiety, upper body tension and joint  pain through the hands, elbows or shoulders.

When working with the heart chakra a few questions to reflect on are: What are my feelings towards myself?  What are my feelings about love?  Am I holding tension in my upper body (do your shoulders sag forward)?  Do I push others away?  Do I blame others for situations in my life?  Do I harbour resentment?  Am I able to love and nuture myself?  Do I give too much to others (sacrifice your own wellbeing)?

Most people will hold something unresolved within their heart chakra energy.  Be very aware of this energy center as you practice the yoga exercises below, and remember do not judge, or cling to, or analyse what may arise- just let it move through you so you can let it go and your heart can become balanced.


  • Sphinx
  • Cobra
  • Upward dog
  • Fish
  • Pigeon (upright, not reclined)
  • Camel Pose (also great to open and balance the solar plexus)
  • Meditate on breathing an emerald green light or energy into your heart chakra.  With this you might add an affirmation like “as I inhale my heart opens, as I exhale it is balanced” or “as I inhale I receive love, as I exhale I give love”.

Please feel free to ask any questions below!  I sense there will be more blogs on this topic in the future, as the heart charka is the passion of my yoga business.

Tomorrow we will journey through the throat chakra.

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