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Port Hope: Take Back The Night

  CONTENT WARNING: topics of sexual assault, abuse and violence. WHAT IS TAKE BACK THE NIGHT? In October 1975 microbiologist, Susan Alexander Speeth, was murdered while walking home alone in Philadelphia. This resulted in one of the first "Take Back The Night" marches. Although the organization itself started in the 1960's with the vision of… Continue reading Port Hope: Take Back The Night

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Teach Love

It seems a mini-avalanche of blogs have begun... it started with Becca's "Let's Get Physical", which was responded with La La's "Take It Personally", which led to Meizac's "Piece Of Meat". My heart cries for these women.  For all women.  But it cries for men too.  What kind of society have we created?  What kind… Continue reading Teach Love

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What Is A Child’s Worth?

November 20th is Child Day.  So what does that mean? I was surprised to learn that it is the 22nd anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). I was even more surprised to learn that this treaty has existed for so long and yet had never heard of it:… Continue reading What Is A Child’s Worth?