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Yoga Video 5: Moving From Mountain

This is the fifth video of the asana-collection. The sixth (and final) video covers sivasana (a full body relaxation). During this 2-minute video we ground ourselves in mountain pose (Tadasana) and from there move through a gentle sun-salutation flow. The feet stay in the same position the whole time, and the movement stems from the… Continue reading Yoga Video 5: Moving From Mountain

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What Is Gentle Hatha?

After practicing yoga for over 17 years and teaching for almost 10 of those, I have modified my traditional hatha yoga training into a gentle practice based on my own intuitive needs for myself and my students. I originally taught myself yoga from a book, then expanded my practice with a variety of different teachers, then… Continue reading What Is Gentle Hatha?

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Cobourg Yoga 2013

Starting in the New Year 'The Gentle Way Of Hatha' will be offering two group classes in Cobourg on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.  Check out the link to see schedule and price details.  Private lessons are also available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9am - 2pm. Often we start our New Year resolutions around… Continue reading Cobourg Yoga 2013

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Open Your Heart

We all seem to experience heart crushing pain (perhaps physical, mental or emotional) at some point or another in our lives. It is a part of life.  A part we want to avoid at all costs.  Including shutting down and shutting life and love out. Our society never teaches us that it is normal, or… Continue reading Open Your Heart