Six Months In

As August approaches, we are almost 6 months into this pandemic.

Six. Months. Half a year. Not in my wildest dreams did I see a pandemic coming, nor that it would last so long in this day and age of cleanliness and anti-bacterial everything. I am unsure if there is even end is sight, as society evolves to live “with it” and the fear of it returning at any time.

When news first hit of this state of emergency in March, I wasn’t too worried. I thought it would just be a couple weeks of lost income, and some extra time with my kid, and some extra time to focus on the back-end business stuff, maybe do some more art or write a book.

Ya right!

Instead the last six months have shown me just how fast time can fly by, and how you can have all the time in the world, and still get very little done. Instead this time has been spent helping me, my kid, and friends navigate the mental and emotional stressors of this pandemic. The anxieties and panic attacks that surface, and the racing negative thoughts and worries.

Not to mention the blatant racist issues that have been exposed more than ever, and the political upheaval that has been occurring as a result. I have been watching my social media feeds explode with articles, opinions, and a whole lot of conflict and arguments. 2020 has been a game changer in the world.

I have had to alter the platform of my business, to online classes. I went from encouraging people to explore their own home practice, to inviting me into their homes through their computers and smart phones. Just another thing I never would have predicted!

Very recently, I have gotten the go-ahead to return to classes on location at the churches in September. I am currently planning that schedule, as not everyone will be comfortable returning to classes right away. There will be masks, there will be hand sanitizer, there will be 6 feet distances between mats, and there will be smaller groups as a result. I will still offer zoom classes as well, so stay tuned for the September schedule, I will share in August.

How are you feeling, as we slowly ease out of this “state of emergency”? Has your yoga or meditation practice helped you during these challenging times? Feel free to leave comments below!

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