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Pandemic and Yoga

Due to the recent spreading of Covid-19 into our area, I have been notified that we must suspend our yoga classes until further notice. I am hoping this will only be for a few weeks, as our community seems to be doing everything in it’s power to prevent this disease from spreading more than necessary. All around me I see shops shortening hours, closing doors, and reverting to online sales only. We all must do what we can to protect each other.

Although it is disappointing, it is better to be safe than sorry, and I do want to remind everyone you can still access my classes on YouTube at The Gentle Way of Hatha. I hope classes will pick back up again in April, and will certainly keep you up to date on all progress.

I would also like to share some of the articles I have been reading on this pandemic:

What can you do?

  • Fresh Air – go for walks in nature (while still keeping distance from others), or at least open windows for brief periods of time.
  • Rediscover Leisure (read, write, cook, indulge in slowing down, etc).
  • Still keep your distance from people, avoid public places, and keep up on proper hygiene and sanitation.

Make Your List:

  • read that book you’ve been putting off
  • make a balanced schedule with family so everyone has time together (great time for bonding) and apart (quiet time in rooms with those books), and if you have school aged children help feed their brains by talking about or teaching them something new.
  • arts and crafts – maybe even try a new hobby?
  • music – listen, sing, dance, play…

There is so very little we can do about this pandemic, other than follow the government’s instructions to stay home, avoid travel, and don’t panic. Stressing ourselves out changes none of it, so take some deep breathes and try to take advantage of the time at home.

If you have any insights, suggestions, or resources you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below. Wishing you all peace and wellness in these strange times.

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