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Creation, preservation, destruction.

These are the three gunas that represent the cycles of life, and the universe. In sanskrit they are called sattva, rajas and tamas.

One thing I love about yoga, and specifically the philosophies, is the lesson of letting go. Not judging, not clinging, and having an ability to go with the flow; and all balanced with an ability to harness your own power to create and preserve even knowing destruction is inevitable.

I am currently in the middle of working 12 days in a row. This combined with other life stressors leads to edginess and if I’m not careful, serious burnout. My life has involved many stages where I take on way more then I can handle, and day after day turns into a blur of work that I only stop doing when I crash.

When I reach that stage of burn out, I turn into the ultimate introvert. I don’t want to talk to anyone, do anything, and yoga becomes my savior. I lay on my mat and breath. I surrender to the chaos, in the chaos, and let it all go…

melting face 1995

There are many people in our society that push ahead, who never find yoga, who fall into anxiety or depression or other mental-health issues triggered by stress; who are never given the opportunity to just stop, breathe, reflect or nurture and rejuvenate themselves on all levels.

We are a culture that is depleted and deprived of self-care. If there is one thing I can share through yoga teaching, it is the importance of taking care of one-self. Taking time for yourself, whether it is through yoga or any other activity that nurtures your spirit and well being.

Great rejuvenation can come through the smallest things: music, nature, art, exercise, a country drive or weekend away from  home/work.

For me, there is a great sense of peace in the choas when I remember the cycles of life: creation, preservation and destruction.

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