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The Eight Limbs Of Yoga

The eight limbs of yoga are the basis of the yoga philosophies and are discussed in the Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali.  I prefer to call them the 8-fold path of yoga because I think of yoga as a journey, and there are many paths we can follow.

In 2012 I wrote a series of blogs based on the 8-fold path of yoga.  Please feel free to take a peak!

When studying and practicing the eight limbs of yoga, it may seem overwhelming at first.  If you have a genuine commitment to this full path of yoga, I would suggest starting with the one that most resonates for you.  Start by practicing the step that integrates naturally into your life.  In our western society, the asanas (yoga stretches) have been the first limb/step we have really focused on.  Dhyana (Meditation) is another one not entirely unfamiliar to us.  The yamas and nyamas are the first two steps that are the most intense, most worth studying and practicing, and perhaps the least integrated into our society (Jackie Dumaine offers wonderful opportunities to explore “The Yoga Code“).

om_yoga_mat funky and straightAfter walking this path of yoga for a short time, you will often notice great benefits and changes in yourself and your life.  After studying and practicing these steps, they often become a way of living and being that bring great strength and peace.

May you find peace, offer peace, bring peace, be peace.


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