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Montreal | The Yoga Code

montreal roadtrip

So… I love freedom. I love travel. I love yoga… and I especially love yoga philosophy. In fact, I came to my “asana” practice years after first dabbling in meditation and reading a variety of books on eastern philosophies and religions…

When I was training teachers for The Gentle Way of Hatha in 2013 I was on-line searching for information on the eight limbs of yoga. I stumbled upon Jackie Dumaine’s “The Yoga Code” and felt instantly intrigued. Right away I recognized the Yamas and Niyamas (the first two of the eight limbs of yoga) as her 10 principles to living a life you love.

Shortly after my trip to Jasper in August 2015, I saw Jackie was hosting her last retreat in the Rocky Mountains. I was eager to join, but finances just did not allow it at the time (my sweet friend from Edmonton made it though woot!)… I reached out to Jackie in 2016, after reviewing Toronto’s Yoga Conference schedule, and feeling disappointed by their line-up. I have been at a place in my teaching where I want to learn more, experience more, and share more; with a basis in the philosophy and spirit and essence of yoga… which has very little to do with our physical stretches we do weekly.

montreal sunsetAlthough Jackie was not coming to Toronto, within a few weeks she had organized a workshop in Montreal that I signed up for. Blessed with my family in Ottawa, I snagged my little cousin for a mini-road trip and we spent a Sacred Sunday studying The Yoga Code.


I have been fascinated by the idea of Enlightenment and Liberation for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if it started with stunning painting of Jesus I saw in a bible as a child, or if it was Buddha quotes I stumbled upon as a teenager, or meditation I started dabbling with in high school, but by the time I discovered the physical practice of yoga I had already laid a solid foundation on my path (and life goal) of enlightenment. 18 years later, the journey continues and I’m enjoying every step along the way.

Finding a teacher who focuses mainly on yoga philosophy seems rare and even less accessible. Jackie is a breath of fresh air. Not only does she simplify the 10 principles, but she teaches them in a way that is REAL. She doesn’t claim to be enlightened or make any false promises about The Yoga Code. It really is a program I would recommend to any body who needs a re-set in their life.

My favourite part of the workshop (held at the Yoga Club in Montreal) was when we started talking about “Truth.” I realized that over the years, as I’ve grown and evolved I have held onto old truths. Realizing that our Truth can change as we grow and evolve is not something I had honestly considered. We hold onto identities of ourselves, ego perhaps, even if that is no longer who we truly are, or feel we are. And it’s okay to let those old truths go- they were true once but that does not mean they still are.


Sunday morning I was feeling ambitious (and naive) enough to believe that I would drive from Montreal, Quebec home to Cobourg, Ontario after an 8 hour day of learning. I made it half way home, and once it was dark I decided I was wiser to stop, sleep and integrate the wisdom of the weekend, before continuing my drive home in the morning.

montreal yoga

When I signed up for the workshop, I wanted to meet Jackie because she was doing work I admired and have also been teaching in more subtle ways over the years. I wanted to see how other people are doing this work, and thriving in it, as well as get a refresher to apply these principles to my own life and business.

I want to blossom in all areas of life- work, love, and family. I knew The Yoga Code would help bust me through my fears and blocks and doubts.  This experience has made me feel stronger in all my life roles: a woman/mother willing to grow deeper roots (relationships) and family. I knew there would be big change with this workshop, but this was beyond what I could have imagined.

Feeling so much gratitude, and inspired to share this wisdom in my own ways over time.


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