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Divine Feminine

Today is Mother’s Day, so it seems fitting to share my deeper healing of The Yoga Code workshop. My shift actually happened at the end of the workshop, which integrated overnight, and the next morning in my hotel room, I was flooded with insight and healing.

As I journalled about the experience I kept hearing the words “Divine Feminine is Rising”… I saw so many clear visions of powerful (yet gentle) women rising in front of my eyes- normal every day woman coming forth as beautiful glowing goddesses of Light. Women who have walked ahead of me, beside me, or followed me along this life journey; But the strongest woman of all was my own mother. Most of you wouldn’t know her, and she’s walked her own challenging path through life, and yet she’s a woman who is always smiling, always going above and beyond to help anyone and everyone with their own challenges, she gives gives gives and never ask for anything in return. She’s so forgiving, so compassionate and she brings Light, Joy and Laugher everywhere she goes. Plus she’s a 50-something blond bombshell! She’s got it all.

Along with my mother, I could see all the other influential women who have helped me grow and heal. All the intense energy work my powerful friend Alison has done with me, starting when I was 19! My friend Cheryl who lead me through 3 levels of The Akashic Records (trainings) throughout my 20’s. Jackie who helped my let go of old Truths and embrace my new Truths, now in my late 30’s… we are all apart of this divine feminine rising.

Then I started reflecting on how terrifying it can be for women, for all people really, to step into their Truths. To live an authentic life for themselves. To have the courage to turn inwards, and let go of all those old beliefs and patterns that have been programmed into us by our families, educators, maybe religions, and society. It’s scary because it can involve loss. It can involve challenge. It can involve A LOT of work. Risk. Mistakes. And starting over. Not just once, but many times. But you know what, all those things happen anyways! So why not move through it consciously, by choice, in your own Truth; instead of going through the ropes of life unconsciously at the whim of everyone else’s desires?

The more I reflected, the more women I could see coming into their Truths, their authentic selves, and creating lives they desire for themselves and their families. My amazing cousin Jessica, my friend Gina, a fellow yoga instructor Miranda… They are all young entrepreneurs creating businesses that reflect their Truths and desires to help others.

I could go on and on about the shifts I see happening. Spiritually there’s a public up-rise in women circles, priestess trainings, old “witch” wisdom, and goddess worship. As the Divine Feminine is rising, this isn’t about women “claiming” the world or taking over- it’s about finding true balance with the Divine Masculine as well. We are all rising to meet each other in Peace, Light and Love.

mothers day breakWhat Does Mother’s Day Mean To You?

Is your mother still present on this earth? Send her gratitude. Not present on this earth? Send her gratitude. Are you a mother? Send yourself gratitude. Not a mother? Send yourself gratitude.

I think of today, as a day for ALL women, we are all vessels of and for humanity. Do something for yourself. Be willing to receive. Be willing to let go. Focus on joy, forgiveness and gratitude.

CELEBRATE this day for YOU!


Connect With Your Inner Goddess

Feeling uninspired? Stuck? Lethargic? Depressed? Reach out!

Find your community, take a yoga class, join a workshop (we are doing a great one, out in nature, July 16th “Meditation and Manifestation“). Exercise, get out in the fresh air, take a walk at the beach or river. Breathe a little deeper, feel your body, your heart beating. Create something- music or art or crochet a blanket! Read an inspiring book or watch an inspiring movie. Dance! Do something that feeds your soul. Get back in touch with the Truth of who you are, and what you want in this precious life.

Now enjoy this glorious day!



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