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July Meditation Retreat

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Outdoor Yoga Circle

On Saturday, July 16th 2016 I will be guiding a one day meditation retreat hosted by Headwaters Farm. We will be basking in mother nature; a lovely day of connecting with ourselves, the earth, good food and our community. Don’t worry if it rains, we have back up!

This four-hour day costs $80 per person, and that includes a lavish lunch and all materials. Please bring your yoga mat, a blanket or shawl, a cushion if you have trouble sitting for a long period of time. I would also recommend bringing a bottle of water, sun block and a hat. The yoga circle gets direct sun with little shade (we won’t be there the whole time though, but it’s something to keep in mind). Dress in layers, it may be cool in the morning and heat up by the afternoon!

The property is located north of Port Hope and Cobourg, off of Dale Road, in the lovely rolling hills of Northumberland County.

Please register by contacting me (Jenni) at



The first half of our retreat will in include an introduction to a variety of meditation techniques to find one that suits you best. This will include breathing, gazing, an OM circle, guided visualization and silence. Meditation becomes the foundation of our afternoon, when we explore the power of manifestation.

11:30-12:30pm LUNCH

Tony and Linda offer us a delicious and nutritious lunch, with food fresh from their farm. I have attended two workshops in the past and these guys never disappoint with their home made meals! (I may suggest bring some extra cash too, you will likely be inspired to purchase some of their local fare on site!)

I’m hoping this inspiring couple will also be willing to share some of their story; since they are the perfect example of manifesting a life they once only dreamed of.


The second half of the retreat will include reflective writing, vision boarding and discussion about manifestation. Once we have created some clear goals, we will use the meditation techniques we learned at the beginning of our day to help integrate our ability to let go, while at the same time be open to receiving what we wish for.


If you want to learn more about Headwaters Farm be sure to check out these past publications about this amazing project that continues to grow and evolve!

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