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Back To Business!

The art show is over! Time to refocus on the yoga biz…

Big changes for the New Year! I have been hired as a full time yoga instructor at a local spa, and the job is a blessing. I had to re-jig current classes, and decided to add a temporary meditation to the schedule: it will run for one 8 week session, and then transition back to a gentle yoga class.


Yoga in the west is often viewed as physical exercise that is good for the body. Very true! However yoga is also a meditation in movement. The gentle classes I teach focus more on those meditative qualities of yoga then the actual stretching.

What we don’t all realize is yoga was designed to support those on the spiritual path of enlightenment, and they used the stretches (asana) as a way to stabilize and strengthen their bodies for long hours of sitting in meditation.

Both yoga and meditation could be considered a practice to help “settle the waves of the mind.” Meditation is pure stillness. Meditation works more directly with the mind, and helps us self-study and recognize the affects the mind has on our physical body. Yoga on the other hand, focuses more on the body and using it as a focus for the mind. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, yet they are two different practices that compliment each other very well.

Our 8 week meditation class will focus on different paths/studies so each individual can experience the different techniques for themselves, and hopefully discover one that works best for them.

We will do breathing meditation, gazing meditation, walking meditation, guided visualizations (meet your spirit guide), a chakra meditation, an energy focused meditation, yoga nidra, om circle and silent meditation.

This will be a great opportunity to explore your inner landscape of the mind, and apply it to your yoga practice. It is a chance to get in touch with your inner voice and truth on a more conscious level. If you are feeling mentally exhausted, confused or anxious, meditation could be a wonderful avenue to discover. Meditation is also a great alternative for people that have physical limitations that prevent them from a regular yoga practice.


Another thank you for all the yoga students that have been walking this path with me for almost a decade! Sharing yoga with others is my passion in life, and I truly hope you all continue to find your peace within your practice, and create those waves of peace out into the world!


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