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The View From Here

A Moment Of Peace & Gratitude, at the beginning of June's Chaos.
A Moment Of Peace & Gratitude, In Chaos.

As I sit here typing, coffee by my side, a grey Tuesday morning, I realize this is my first day of summer.  A sense of potential hangs in the air, and some anticipation of the unknown that lies ahead…  Time to nurture my spirit and renew my energy.  Full-time mom and full-time work is a hard balance.  This summer I will regain my equilibrium.

Writing feels challenging today… there is much emotion within me.  Yesterday I said good-bye to two dear friends.  Today I visit a life-long friend and meet her new-born baby.  Life is so full of extremes.  Always this dance of sorrow and joy that make life whole.  It puts me in a funny mood…

I think about all the choices we make, the paths we follow, the lessons we learn… I think about all these individual lives that cross, and how we affect one another both directly and indirectly. I wonder why the world has become so consumed by materialism and conflict.  I wonder about too many things.  My mind drags me deeper down the rabbit hole…

Yet behind all those thoughts, I look up, I see the sky, the clouds, the trees… I hear the breeze rustling the leaves, the birds chirping… and there it is.  Peace.

4 thoughts on “The View From Here”

  1. I often find myself in the rabbit hole. It’s a good place to be still; but not tarry for long. Else the darkness consumes the light within. And it can be struggling finding even a spark.
    So allow me to let loose a vine dangling down the rabbit hole. The other end is secured on a tree sturdy on your path. Come up when you are ready.
    Namaste, Jenni. =)

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