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Yoga and Meditation in Port Hope

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or extremely stressed, maybe it is time to slow down? The Gentle Way Of Hatha has yoga classes in Port Hope and Cobourg that focus on stress relief and relaxation. We also offer a variety of workshops that are focused on self-discovery (Meditation and Manifestation, A Journey Through… Continue reading Yoga and Meditation in Port Hope

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Yesterday I was gifted a Reiki treatment; and during the session I had a lot of "remembering" going on. 2015 was a year I devoted to self-care. 2016 has been a year I've devoted to creating (art and business). 2015 felt like a year of recovery, stepping back from life, moving slowly, regaining groundedness and… Continue reading Remembering

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The Body’s Wisdom

"The nervous system does not speak english; It speaks sensation. The body is the voice of the nervous system." -Christine Lee, Introduction to Somatic Therapy Workshop In my yoga classes, I often have students reflect on the feelings of their bodies and to tune in deeper to the organs and nervous system. We use awareness… Continue reading The Body’s Wisdom

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Life Shifts…

Oh beautiful life. Always full of changes and challenges and triumphs. I have hit a writers-block on this yoga blog: not because the passion has died but simply because my energy has been channeled in a multitude of different directions lately. A few months ago I started an art group called 'Untitled'. So a lot… Continue reading Life Shifts…

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Yoga = Peace

I recently discovered Bloggers For Peace (B4Peace).  The idea is to blog once a month about peace, connect with others blogging for peace, and as a result we help spread the love. Or peace. My whole life I have unconsciously been striving for peace (perhaps we all are?). At least it was unconscious for most… Continue reading Yoga = Peace

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What’s Next?

The mind is a wild thing. The first paragraph of the Yoga Sutras says: "Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence. When the mind has settled, we are established in our essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness. Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind." (translation by Alistair Shearer)… Continue reading What’s Next?

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The View From Here

As I sit here typing, coffee by my side, a grey Tuesday morning, I realize this is my first day of summer.  A sense of potential hangs in the air, and some anticipation of the unknown that lies ahead...  Time to nurture my spirit and renew my energy.  Full-time mom and full-time work is a… Continue reading The View From Here

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Life | Yoga

Over the last few weeks this yoga blog has transformed.  My life has transformed. As a child and youth worker student I was introduced to a realm of studies like psychology, sociology and family dynamics.  My yoga background has continued to support me through my schooling, and now into my work as a Child and… Continue reading Life | Yoga