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Yoga And Meditation

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Over my years as a yoga instructor and yoga practitioner, a vital core of my practice has been meditation.  Long before I started a yoga practice I had studied eastern philosophies and was interested in meditation.  Always eager to learn I would sign up for classes and workshops on all sorts of meditations: guided, silent, walking, and always had amazing experiences.

In guided visualizations I met spirit guides, animal guides, became a crow, journeyed through forests, discovered cozy cabins, and connected to the earth, water, and all the elements.  In walking meditations I found my feet, felt my body in new ways, and discovered a new awareness of energy.  In silent meditations I found both peace and conflict.  I discovered the chaos of my mind, the stillness within, and the illusion of time.

Through meditation I discovered the power of breathing to expand and refill our energy.  I discovered mindfulness and  presence.  This stayed with me as I trained to become a yoga instructor, and as a teacher this stillness is infused into our yoga classes.

Yoga is a meditation in movement.  Yoga is a good practice for people who want the peace of meditation, but who struggle with ‘sitting’ for long periods of time.  Yoga has a way of bringing us into our bodies, focusing our mind, and bringing peace.


If you are interested in starting a meditation group in Cobourg, please contact me at  I have also designed a meditation workshop that is ideal for beginners looking to discover what type of meditation works for them.

Classes are held at 45 Covert Street in Cobourg, Ontario.

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