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Strive For Wholeness

A part of my journey through life has been to find wholeness.  Yoga has helped bring me to a place in my awareness where wholeness is accepting ourselves and our lives exactly as they are.

Much of the work I have done, on myself and others, I would define as ‘healing’ work.  However as I grow and change on this journey, I no longer like the word ‘healing’.  It implies there is something wrong, or something that needs to be fixed, and in my new awareness those concepts of healing no longer resonate for me.

True things can be out of balance, we can feel out of sorts, and definitely in need of assistance from others along our journey.  But when these hard times come, instead of searching outside of ourselves for ‘healing’ why don’t we begin to see the wholeness of life?

Death is no light topic.  Battling life-consuming diseases is not an easy path.  But they are two parts of life that we humans do prefer to deny, ignore, or struggle with.  They are two parts of life, that make it whole.  As long as we try to fight or separate from these truths, the less wholeness we will feel, and what kind of healing can we truly bring without first accepting our reality?

I can no longer define healing as ‘fixing’ something that is wrong.  Healing is accepting and learning from everything life has to offer.  Wholeness is standing in your truth, strength and imperfections.  It’s accepting that nothing may ever be perfect, and the only part of it we have control over is ourselves.  Our attitudes, our choices, our liberation.

My mission for 2013 is to bring this concept of wholeness to the surface.  In my life, in my relationships, in all my work.

I invite you to join me on this journey of wholeness through yoga, meditation and transformation.


13 thoughts on “Strive For Wholeness”

  1. So true about the word healing. I struggled for some time with the whole concept and eventuallyI came to the understanding that everything is absolutely perfect as it is, in the moment. And interestingly, for me, when I affirm this, that’s when the ‘healing’ happens 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, it’s appreciated and exactly what I needed to read today!

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