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Blogging For Peace | August

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August Birthday Peace

It’s the long weekend before the school and work chaos begins again. Today is the last day of August. Tomorrow is September 1st. Wow.

This is always a powerful month for me. This year I turned 34 on August 25th, and as narcissistic as it may sound, my birthday is my favorite day of the year. I think it should be for everyone! We are so hung up on ‘getting old’… yet life gets better and better. More exciting. More ideas. More to see, do, feel, learn, embrace… every year should be cherished and celebrated.

Sometimes we forget, life is what WE make it. In every moment we can choose what we want, and take any small steps to achieve our dreams. Focus and dedication.

I posted a blog called Strive For Wholeness in January 2013, stating my goal to bring wholeness to all areas of my life. Truly this is where we find peace, in acceptance of what is, combined with change through conscious awareness.


Each month I will post a blog with the topic of PEACE. It is part of a little movement called B4Peace. Check them out if you are interested in joining this fun project to help spread the intention of peace in the world. Part of the project includes connecting with other Bloggers For Peace, so today I am adding a link to Be Beautiful And Dance, another inspiring blog.

Peace, Light and Love to all.

Blogging For Peace | July

4 thoughts on “Blogging For Peace | August”

  1. I’m working on loving my birthday. As I gear up for turning 40, my intention is to meet each birthday I get to celebrate with the joy and anticipation I had when I was younger.

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