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Moving Beyond The Postures

Yes this is a yoga blog. It is my heart and my business. I am a certified yoga instructor, but am also a Child and Youth Worker.

I came to yoga as a teenager, and it has helped me through many waves of life. As the tide rolls in and out, yoga is always there to support me through rough waters and wild transitions.

Although I did not have yoga to help me through many childhood stressors, it has helped me grow from those childhood experiences so I did not need to become a victim of them. Yoga is so much more then physical exercise. It it a process of acceptance, learning, letting go and a constant observation of the cycles of life, without attachment.

Yoga has opened my mind, and brought many thoughts to the surface for blogging. Very few of my blogs discuss the physical practice of yoga. Below I listed some old blogs that focus more on embracing the life-style and philosophy of yoga.

We discuss emotions, traumas, mental health, addiction, wholeness and our adult roles in advocating for the safety of children, and the world. Please take the time to check these out, and feel free to leave messages or comments.

“Our society never teaches us that it is normal, or even okay or acceptable to express pain.  Often we go through our entire lives repressing or avoiding our true feelings.”

“We fall so much more easily into hate, then love.  There is an old saying ‘Hate is easy, Love takes courage.’  I think that is very true. I constantly channel love into the challenges in my life, and although I have learned the hard way you cannot change others no matter how much you love them, I have learned that it brings much more inner peace to unresolved conflict.  It helps me let go, trust, and be at peace.”

“We are born so fragile, yet programmed to survive.  As babies we are 100% exposed and plunged into a world completely out of our control.  Whatever our parents choose for us, becomes our reality. Fear. Anxiety. Darkness. Joy.  Elation. Peace. Worthlessness. Hopelessness. Life or Death.”

“Black Box Warnings inspired me to bring issues of mental health stigma to my own blog.  I am a certified yoga instructor and Child and Youth Worker, so I have a realm of knowledge, experience and opinions to share on the topic of mental health.”

“A part of my journey through life has been to find wholeness.  Yoga has helped bring me to a place in my awareness where wholeness is accepting ourselves and our lives exactly as they are.”

“With today’s rampant issues of bullying, self-harm, suicides and hidden abuse in families I believe society needs to make a big shift in how we are treating (or not treating) these devastating tragedies.”


Our fall yoga classes will be starting soon, please reserve your space as soon as possible. Check out the schedule, workshops and contact us.

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