Just Love

I am a dreamer, there is no denying it.

There is no problem that cannot be solved, no challenge that cannot be faced, and I see the potential in everyone and everything.

That does not mean things are always easy, but they don’t always have to be hard or negative.  I strive to find the balance.

Lately as life rises up to challenge me, I find myself letting go and moving into a deep place of trust.  So little is ever in our control, and yet we cling to people, relationships, habits, patterns, and things that serve to only cause suffering.

We struggle.  We fight.  We argue.  We blame.  We criticize.  We deny.  We push and pull in an endless tug-of-war.

We fall so much more easily into hate, then love.  There is an old saying “Hate is easy, Love takes courage.”  I think that is very true. I constantly channel love into the challenges in my life, and although I have learned the hard way you cannot change others no matter how much you love them, I have learned that it brings much more inner peace to unresolved conflict.  It helps me let go, trust, and be at peace.

journal 2003 spring 2When I take the time to reflect upon where someone else’s anger, insults or emotions are coming from, it is easy to offer love instead of hate.  That does not always make their behaviours or choices acceptable to me, but they are understandable to me.  That understanding dissolves much of my own anger, emotions and hurt-ego that is always eager to retaliate.

I don’t retaliate much anymore.  I withdraw.  I observe.  I trust.  I feel.

All I want is peace.  For everyone.  The only peace I have control over, is my own.  And you, yours.

Just Love.


6 thoughts on “Just Love

  1. I absolutely love this. Sometimes I am called a dreamer and nice person as if it is a bad thing. It is wonderful to know that others have the same outlook.

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