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The Final Step: Ultimate Bliss

Our final step on the eight fold path of yoga is called Samadhi.  This has been referred to as ultimate peace, bliss or oneness with the universe.  It is like meditation, but exists in every moment.  A place of enlightment, liberation and the place we come to after devoting our life to the other seven… Continue reading The Final Step: Ultimate Bliss

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The Seventh Step: Meditate

As we come to the seventh step, I realize we have almost completed this journey through the eight-fold-path of yoga! The sixth step was concentration and focus, so our next step is when those efforts are no longer efforts, and you are just present in the ceaseless waves of pure experience and presence.  This is Dhyana, or… Continue reading The Seventh Step: Meditate

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Step Six | Concentration

The sixth step on our yogic path is called dharana.  This is translated as concentration. In our fifth step, we withdrew the senses, and now we are able to focus inward fully.  This concentration sets up for our seventh step Dhyana, which is meditation. Although all the steps overlap and integrate, these three are so… Continue reading Step Six | Concentration

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The Second Step

This is confusing 'step' number two, or the second limb of yoga, which is really another five steps.  Our last post on the yamas had the first five moral principles  and now the niyamas will be shared, and these are five living principles. Saucha is purity.  This is all about taking care of yourself on the… Continue reading The Second Step

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The First Step

The first step on this journey through the eight fold path of yoga, is actually five steps.  In fact the first two steps on the eight-fold path can sometimes make this whole learning of the yoga philosophy and sutras very confusing.  So don't give up after reading this first post, the steps actually get easier… Continue reading The First Step