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The Six Movements Of The Spine

When practicing the physical postures of yoga, it is important to understand that despite the muscle stretching, the exercises are based around the spine.  The yogic saying 'youth resides in the spine' speaks volumes!  When you take the time to focus on elongation through the spine, in combination with the six movements, you allow space… Continue reading The Six Movements Of The Spine

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The Magic Of Moon Energy

4/7 Yoga is a powerful balancer of energies.  As we discussed in the last blog back-bends focus on sun energy, and create vitality and openness in the body.  Forward bends naturally do the opposite: they focus on the moon energy, and are very calming and soothing. With this being said forward bends are often very challenging. I… Continue reading The Magic Of Moon Energy

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Wake Up!

2/7 In continuation of "Youth Resides In The Spine" we will discuss elongation as the basis of the six movements of the spine in yoga. I suppose the reason that 'elongation' is not included as a specific movement of the spine, is because it is one that is assumed in all of the movements.  The… Continue reading Wake Up!

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Youth Resides In The Spine!

1/7 Hatha Yoga is based on keeping the spine strong, flexible, spacious and therefore young. When I did my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training we learned a well-rounded class should include all six movements of the spine: One forward bend, one back bend, two side stretches and two twists.  As I started teaching I reflected on… Continue reading Youth Resides In The Spine!