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Personal Yoga Practice

7/7 The last six blogs based on the six movements of the spine, are ideal to help you build your own personal yoga practice!  First focus on elongation of the spine through each movement, then be sure to include back bends,forward bends, side stretches on both sides and twists in both directions. Remember that hatha yoga… Continue reading Personal Yoga Practice

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Time To Twist!

6/7 This is the final movement of the spine, twisting.  With an emphasis of elongation through all the movements, an ideal yoga class should include forward bends, back bends, side stretches on both sides and twists in both directions. Spinal twists are powerful detoxifiers.  They put emphasis on the organ body, and flushing toxins from… Continue reading Time To Twist!

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The Magic Of Moon Energy

4/7 Yoga is a powerful balancer of energies.  As we discussed in the last blog back-bends focus on sun energy, and create vitality and openness in the body.  Forward bends naturally do the opposite: they focus on the moon energy, and are very calming and soothing. With this being said forward bends are often very challenging. I… Continue reading The Magic Of Moon Energy

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Here Comes The Sun!

3/7 Youth Resides In The Spine!  Now that we have covered the topic of elongation, we will move into the discussion of back-bends in our yoga practice. The six movements (forward, backward, side, side, twist, twist) are key in a well rounded yoga session.  On top of these six movements a well rounded practice should also… Continue reading Here Comes The Sun!

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Tuesday Yoga Blog

These Tuesday blogs have flowed pretty well up until today 🙂  I still have lots of ideas and drafts started for future blogs, but today trying to write a blog after an all-nighter with a sleepless child is a challenge.  So instead, here are some links to other great yoga resources! Yoga Journal's website is… Continue reading Tuesday Yoga Blog