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A Quarterly Update

Blogging seems to be harder to get to these days; my last post was in November 2022! This made me think, I should at least try to post quarterly business updates on my website (if you want more regular updates email me at and I can add you to my yoga newsletter). Most of… Continue reading A Quarterly Update

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Autumn Yoga 2013

It feels like the autumn winds are blowing in early this year, as these August nights get cooler. For me this time of year holds the most potential and inspiration. I enjoy the fresh air, cool breeze, sunny skies, and the extra layer of cozy clothing. I even prefer the shorter days for longer nights,… Continue reading Autumn Yoga 2013

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Personal Yoga Practice

7/7 The last six blogs based on the six movements of the spine, are ideal to help you build your own personal yoga practice!  First focus on elongation of the spine through each movement, then be sure to include back bends,forward bends, side stretches on both sides and twists in both directions. Remember that hatha yoga… Continue reading Personal Yoga Practice