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Personal Yoga Practice


The last six blogs based on the six movements of the spine, are ideal to help you build your own personal yoga practice!  First focus on elongation of the spine through each movement, then be sure to include back bends,forward bends, side stretches on both sides and twists in both directions.

Remember that hatha yoga is a science that brings optimum balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Yoga helps build strength, bring flexibility and mobility to the physical body, it helps detoxify the body and can induce a deep sense of peace through relaxation.

Once you have the six movements integrated into a daily practice, it is fun to start adding more challenging postures such as balancing and inversions!  Yoga Journal’s website has an amazing selection of postures for you to browse through and try in your personal practice.

Despite being self taught, I do encourage beginning with an experienced teacher who can help bring you to a place where you feel safe and comfortable in the postures at which point a home practice can blossom.

Remember to begin with pranayama and finish with sivasana!  The breathing and relaxation are where the true magic and transformation happen in yoga.

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