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Youth Resides In The Spine!

Gentle Upward Dog


Hatha Yoga is based on keeping the spine strong, flexible, spacious and therefore young.

When I did my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training we learned a well-rounded class should include all six movements of the spine: One forward bend, one back bend, two side stretches and two twists.  As I started teaching I reflected on the idea of a seventh movement: elongation.

Now that I am a teacher trainer, we discussed this in The Gentle Way Of Hatha training, and my current students commented that ‘elongation’ could also be two movements, as the spine is technically moving upward to create space and downward to ground the body.  Since this lesson I have expanded my original teachings of six-movements into eight-movements of the spine!

Over the next few weeks we will cover each movement of the spine and the benefits they entail!  By bringing youthfulness into our spine, we bring youthfulness into our lives.

14 thoughts on “Youth Resides In The Spine!”

  1. Yes we do want to length the spine. People sit in crunched up positions throughout the day. It is amazing to watch my students when I cue to lengthen. All typically grow taller. Definately lengthen before we go deeper into a stretch and before we twist.

  2. Elongation is a huge aspect to add to the traditional six movement of the spine. When I sit in the car on the way home, it feels amazing to grasp my hand on the seat, and lift my body. I put so much pressure on my spinal column, elongation is the only relief sometimes. Cobra pose (Bhujangasana) or Sphinx pose (Salamba Bhujangasana) feel amazing after a long night.

    Thank you for bringing attention to this additional aspect!

  3. I always feel energized and empowered when my yoga teacher spends more time on the spine in my classes. I feel younger when I walk out of class, almost like I can feel the energy rushing through my spine like when I was much younger.

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