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2021 | Chakras, Yoga, Meditation

It has been a LONG time since I’ve mentioned the chakras, philosophy, or meditation in any of my blogs or even in my classes. Partly because there is so much content and offerings out there these days, and partly because I have been so busy and distracted by other things going on in life that I haven’t had the interest or brain-power to “think outside the box.”

With that being said, I am feeling a real need to expand the content of my classes; and the need to personally re-connect with some ancient body wisdom. You feeling that too? The last year has felt like a constant recalibration of reality. Every time I think things have settled into a new routine or structure, nope! It changes again.

During the next 7-week yoga session (Thursdays 10:30am) I am going to re-introduce the chakras. We will explore them visually through guided meditation, and physically through asana. A new way to connect with our bodies and listen to their wisdom. This session runs from March 4 – April 29. You can view schedule and cost details here.

The Seven Chakras

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Even if you are unable to join our classes, I hope these blogs can help you get started on your “Journey Through The Chakra.”

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