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Autumn is Creeping in Quick!

Is it just me, or is this summer passing too fast?

I have people messaging me every day, inquiring about classes for the fall, and getting ready for new routines and life with less covid “restrictions.” I feel like I’m barely into the swing of summer, and it’s going to be ending soon (insert sad-face emoji).

Business continues to transform. Starting in September I will be running four yoga classes, two in-person groups and two online zoom groups. You can view the “Yoga Schedule” for more info. If you are not already signed up for my “Artist Notes” newsletter you should register for it so you can get more updates on my art biz too. For the first time ever, I will be a guest artist on the Northumberland Studio Tour! You can come see my newest work on September 11/12, I will be at Steven Levinson’s north of Port Hope.

Be sure to follow my yoga and art platforms too, for more regular updates:

I will have a new art show to launch later in the fall too, based on my summer travels to Northern Ontario, French River Territory.

Now let’s make the best of the rest of our summer; and get ready for autumn excitement! I cannot wait to SEE YOU ALL IN THE FLESH!

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